Discord Introduces AI Features for Better User Experience

Exciting new AI features on Discord - Clyde Bot, avatar customization, improved content moderation and more

Discord Introduces AI Features for Better User Experience

San Francisco-based chat app, Discord, has announced that it will be introducing new artificial intelligence (AI) features to enhance user experience. The CEO of Discord, Jason Citron, has called it one of the most exciting moments in technology.

Upgraded Clyde

Bot Discord will be revamping its bot, Clyde, by integrating OpenAI technology. This will enable users to ask Clyde trivia questions, schedule meetings, and even get playlist recommendations.

Avatar Customization

An AI feature will allow users to remix their friends' avatars using generative image models. For instance, a crown can be added to a person's profile picture to celebrate their birthday.

Conversation Summary

If users have missed out on a stream of messages, an AI tool will be able to summarize the conversation, allowing them to quickly catch up on the discussion by jumping to relevant parts of the message thread. The tool will be rolled out in a limited number of Discord groups next week.

Improved Content Moderation

Discord will also experiment with OpenAI technology to improve its existing content moderation tool. The tool will flag messages to moderators and understand the context of the conversation, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for users.


Discord's new AI features aim to make communication easier and more fun for its users. The company's efforts to integrate OpenAI technology and enhance its services show its commitment to providing the best user experience.

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