Midjourney Office Hours Recap: Key Points and Updates - April 12th 2023

Midjourney's Version 5 Aesthetics, GPU shortages, Version 6 delays, new moderation rules, and cybersecurity challenges are in this recap.

Midjourney Office Hours Recap: Key Points and Updates - April 12th 2023

New Version 5 Aesthetics and Easy Mode

Midjourney is working on rolling out new Version 5 Aesthetics and wants to make it the default for users. However, they are still developing an easy mode to facilitate smoother user experiences. Once complete, the current way of prompting will remain available as a raw mode or pro mode option for those who prefer it.

Expressive Niji Style and GPU Shortages

A new Niji style called "Expressive" has been gaining popularity recently, which has been contributing to GPU shortages, particularly during nighttime in North America and daytime in Japan. In response, Midjourney plans to invest in more GPUs to address the demand.

GPU Shortages Expected Industry-Wide

David from Midjourney predicts that by the end of the year, GPU shortages will affect all services across the industry. The company aims to insulate themselves from this issue and is optimistic about the following year, given that data center construction takes about a year. The current shortages stem from the fact that data centers available today were built last year when AI was much less popular.

Return of Free Trials Uncertain

Due to issues such as abuse by non-paying users and credit card fraud, the return of free trials remains uncertain for Midjourney. The company has considered adding authentication measures to combat these problems.

Cybersecurity Challenges

Midjourney has faced cybersecurity challenges like Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, which have caused their website service to go down at times.

Version 6 Delayed

The development of Version 6 has been moving slowly due to staff illness and vacations, causing Midjourney to fall about two to three weeks behind schedule. As a result, users can expect another month of Version 5.

Secret Aesthetic and Custom Styles

David briefly mentioned testing secret aesthetic features and new custom styles. Though he didn't provide much detail, it could involve the ability to share specific style codes with other users.

New Moderation and User Tiers

Midjourney will soon introduce new moderation measures, with more explicit rules and smarter judgment of user prompts. The main focus will be on moderating sentiment and intention behind images rather than topics. If this proves unsuccessful, they may have to ban certain topics. The company is also considering implementing different rules for different user levels, granting more access to trusted users.

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