Midjourney Office Hours Recap: Key Points and Updates - April 5th 2023

Discover the latest Midjourney updates, including upcoming features, advanced prompting tools, Pro subscription perks, and content moderation challenges. Stay informed on the future of AI-driven creativity.

Midjourney Office Hours Recap: Key Points and Updates - April 5th 2023

New Features and Upcoming Releases

  1. Web Features for Alpha Groups: The Midjourney team is working on making more web features available for Alpha groups as some team members return from vacation.
  2. Midjourney Magazine: The highly anticipated Midjourney Magazine is set to ship soon.
  3. Improved Image Searching: The team has been working on dividing the database to make searching for images more efficient. In the next week or so, users should be able to search for their own images, and global image search capabilities should be improved as well.
  4. New Default Aesthetic for Version 5: A new default aesthetic is coming soon for Version 5, promising to be more user-friendly. However, due to some corrupted data from ratings, the release has been delayed for a few more days.

Advanced Prompting Features

  1. Dash-Dash Repeat: This new feature allows users to run the same prompt multiple times without having to write it out repeatedly. Users can simply enter "--repeat" followed by a number to generate multiple iterations of the same prompt.
  2. Permutations: This feature, still under development, will enable users to input a set of words or phrases and have Midjourney generate every possible combination of those elements. This could be particularly useful for users looking to explore more creative possibilities with their prompts.

Pro Subscription and Free Trials

  1. Limited Access to New Features: Both Dash-Dash Repeat and Permutations will initially be available only to Pro subscribers using fast hours. This is due to uncertainty about the GPU power consumption of these features and the need for stress testing.
  2. Free Trials and the Future of Midjourney: Midjourney founder David discussed the absence of free trials and pondered the need for a free tier in the future. No decisions have been made, but the team continues to evaluate the best approach to offering their service.

Addressing Misinformation and Content Moderation

  1. Journalist Misconduct: David spoke about his disappointment with journalists who published misleading articles about Midjourney's suspension of free trials. He expressed frustration with the lack of fact-checking and focus on generating clicks rather than presenting accurate information.
  2. Potential Content Moderation Updates: The Midjourney team is considering new rules or more specific guidelines to prevent misuse of the platform. Possible updates could include restrictions on creating negative images of real people, while still maintaining user creativity and freedom.

This recap covers the latest updates from Midjourney's office hours on April 5th, 2023. From new features to content moderation, Midjourney continues to adapt and innovate in the world of AI-driven creativity.

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