WonderStudio AI Brings VFX and 3D to Life

This innovative AI platform seamlessly blends 3D characters and VFX into live-action footage, revolutionizing the world of 3D animation

WonderStudio AI Brings VFX and 3D to Life

The world of AI technology continues to amaze us with its innovative advancements, and the latest tool to hit the market is Wonder Studio from Wonder Dynamics. This AI tool has the ability to animate lights and seamlessly blend CG characters into live-action scenes, taking the world of 3D animation to the next level. Now you can actually use all those characters you've been creating in other AIApps such as Midjoruney and Stable Diffusion

Introducing Wonder Studio

Wonder Studio is going to be a game-changer in the world of 3D animation. With its VFX technology, it can automatically replace real humans with 3D generated assets in live-action footage, creating a seamless blend of reality and digital characters. The possibilities are endless, as the tool can replace real humans with robots, cartoon characters, or even aliens.

The secret behind Wonder Studio's ability to create seamless 3D characters lies in its motion capture technology. The tool maps out the person's skeleton to determine their pose while walking or running and aligns the 3D image skeleton to match it. It even isolates the character from the background and tracks the camera, making it look like the character is really there. All of this is done behind the scenes, with incredible precision and speed.

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Notable Feature List

  • Composes and animates CG characters into live-action scenes - drag and drop to replace characters
  • Supports video clips up to 2 minutes and 40 seconds
  • Exports in various formats including MP4, PNG sequences, and Prores files
  • Supports 3D rigging and facial recognition
  • Can remove actors from the background using Clean Plate technology
  • Simple UI but can export into industry standards such as Blender, Unreal, and Maya
  • Depth maps in the lighting composition tab
  • Artist Hub or Community for 3D artists to create and sell models
  • Marketplace aspect for models
  • Easy to use: The system makes it simple to create movies with CGI by selecting an actor and assigning a character to them. User interface with timeline and library of assets
  • AI-powered: Wonder Studio uses AI to track the actor's performance across cuts and automatically animate lights and compose the CG character into the scene.
  • Comprehensive tracking: The system analyzes and captures body motion, lighting, compositing, camera motion, and even facial performance, making it easy to create high-quality animations.
  • Layer export: The system gives you the ability to export individual layers, such as lighting, camera, and animation, so you can maintain full control and make detailed adjustments in 3D space.
  • Detailed adjustments: From the paintbrush to the typewriter to the camera, the system provides the tools to make detailed adjustments and bring your creativity to life.

Empowering Artists with AI Technology

Wonder Studio was built with the intention of empowering artists while still keeping the traditional 3D process in mind. The system uses AI to track the actor's performance across cuts and automatically animates lights and composes the CG character directly into the scene. It analyzes and captures everything from body motion, lighting, compositing, camera motion, and even the actor's facial performance. All the artist needs is a camera and the imagination to bring their story to life.

The Backing of Steven Spielberg and the Russo Brothers

Wonder Studios has some serious financial backing, with Nikola Todorovic as the CEO and Ty Sheridan on the Advisory Board. The board also includes Steven Spielberg and Joe Russo, Robert Schwab, and Joshua Bear, which is a testament to the potential of the platform. Wonder Studios will be in action with the Russo Brothers' new Netflix adaptation of "Stella Stalinhogs: The Electric Slate," which uses the technology in production.

Browser-based and Cloud-friendly

Wonder Studio is browser-based and operates entirely in the cloud, which means that artists can access it from anywhere, at any time. The platform's user interface (UI) is straightforward and easy to use, making it accessible for kids and beginners to start making YouTube shorts. However, the back end of Wonder Studio is capable of exporting into industry-standard formats such as Blender, Unreal, and Maya, making it a powerful tool for filmmakers, content creators, and people working at the semi-professional level.

Get on the Beta List

This technology is set to change video and movie making forever. The possibilities are endless, and the creative things you can make with Wonder Studio are limitless. If you're as excited about this as we are, head over to wonderdynamics.com and get started by filling out their form to get on the beta list.

Wonder Studio is currently in closed beta, but you can sign up to request access. The tool is aimed at filmmakers, content creators, and those working at a semi-professional to professional level. With its simple UI, even kids can pick it up and start making their own YouTube shorts. However, the back-end of the tool can export into industry standards such as Blender, Unreal, and Maya, making it a huge time-saver for 3D artists.

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A web-based AI platform that enables artists to create films with CG characters by just a few simple clicks.

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