While Apple has not made big headlines about AI like rivals, it is actively developing and integrating AI across products, even if mum on specifics.

Apple Highlights AI's Current Role

Apple CEO Tim Cook emphasized that AI and machine learning already underpin many current features, like Fall Detection and ECG. He stated AI is "integral to virtually every product" and "absolutely critical." Cook cited upcoming additions like Personal Voice and Live Voicemail enabled by AI advances. This shows Apple leveraging AI internally, even if not touting it publicly.

Researching Generative AI in the Shadows

Though lacking a ChatGPT rival, Cook reassured Apple is researching generative AI "for years." Apple seems to be trailblazing in private, developing its own ChatGPT-like chatbot "Apple GPT" for employees. While rivals rush to release AI products, Apple sticks to perfecting them before launch.

AI Critical to Apple's Future

Cook made clear Apple will keep "investing and innovating" in AI to "enrich people's lives." AI is core to the company's strategy going forward. But Apple holds off on unveiling specifics, waiting until new technologies are market-ready.

Key Takeaway: Progress Over Promises

While less vocal than competitors, Apple appears fully committed to AI advancement. The company culture values tangible progress over bold promises. As Cook stated, "We tend to announce things as they come to market and that's our M.O." Apple's low-key approach should not be confused with inaction. The tech giant seems poised to unleash its AI developments when fully baked.

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