Introducing Dr. GPT - Your AI Assistant Doctor

Dr. GPT was created as a spinoff from our previous article on how doctors and patients can use ChatGPT for smarter, more accessible healthcare. The enthusiastic response inspired us to release this AI agent focused solely on medical diagnosis.

Designed using advanced prompt engineering techniques, Dr. GPT aims to provide free preliminary diagnostic opinions to complement human doctors. This doctor assistant leverages GPT's vast and growing medical knowledge through guided prompting for logical analysis.

Dr. GPT represents our commitment to shaping AI technology for human benefit. We hope this virtual GP can make quality healthcare guidance more available to all while demonstrating prompt engineering's potential.

If you want to learn more about crafting prompts or our work in AI safety and ethics, please subscribe or contact us.

Together we can ensure technologies like Dr. GPT are leveraged as a force for good in medicine and beyond.

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The Making of Dr. GPT

As language models like GPT-3 and GPT-4 demonstrated increasing medical knowledge and language proficiency, we wondered if conversational AI could be responsibly leveraged to provide preliminary health guidance.

Knowing these models lack inherent critical thinking, we applied techniques like the CRISP prompting framework, LLM agents, and Synthetic Interactive Persona Agents (SIPAs) to scaffold logical reasoning. This allowed transforming GPT's statistical knowledge into grounded analysis.

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By assigning the AI the role of Dr. GPT, a virtual general practitioner, we could prime it to synthesize its medical understanding into diagnostic opinions when systematically prompted. Dr. GPT combines GPT's vast knowledge with structured critical analysis using advanced prompt engineering.

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The result is an AI assistant that reasons through symptoms like a doctor would, explaining its logic each step of the way. While just a starting point, Dr. GPT shows the potential for thoughtfully designed prompts to unlock AI's knowledge for human benefit. We're excited to continue refining Dr. GPT to be an even more reliable, transparent, and helpful diagnostic aid.

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