Course Description

The AI Prompt Engineering course is a comprehensive and always up-to-date curriculum designed for individuals seeking a deeper understanding of this rapidly growing field. With the recent surge in popularity of AI and Prompt Engineering, many individuals with limited knowledge or experience in the field have positioned themselves as experts. This course was developed from the ground up by seasoned Prompt Engineers and other professionals in the Prompt Engineering field, with over 12 years of combined experience.

As a result, students in this course will receive a unique and unparalleled education, as the curriculum is based on tried and true methodologies not found in other courses. This course is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the fundamental concepts and best practices of Prompt Engineering, as well as hands-on experience through practical projects and exercises.


The AI Prompt Engineering course is designed for individuals with varying levels of experience in the field. Whether you are new to AI and Prompt Engineering or have some prior knowledge, this course is flexible and can accommodate your needs. The course is structured in a modular format, allowing you to bypass lessons that are not relevant to your current level of understanding and focus on the topics that are most important to you.

The only requirement for this course is a willingness to learn and a desire to grow your knowledge and skills in the field of AI and Prompt Engineering. Creativity is also highly valued in this course, as students will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge through practical projects and exercises.

Course Outline & Structure

The AI Prompt Engineering course is designed to be a comprehensive and constantly evolving resource for students. Given the rapid pace of development in the field, it is challenging to present a complete outline, as new lessons and modules are continually being developed. However, as of today, the course is structured to provide a broad introduction to General AI, as well as three distinct paths in Prompt Engineering, based on contemporary AI systems and modules. These paths provide a deeper dive into specific areas of AI and Prompt Engineering, allowing students to tailor their learning experience to their specific interests and needs.

The Master Prompt Engineering curriculum is composed of several modules and lessons arranged in a logical hierarchy. The foundational concepts of prompt engineering are covered in the initial lessons, providing a comprehensive understanding of the field. These lessons focus on the general topics that govern prompt engineering, which are crucial to comprehending the conceptual aspects of the field, despite being less practical in nature. As the course progresses, more advanced lessons build upon these foundational concepts.

The course is structured into three distinct paths, each focusing on a specific type of AI model:

  1. Large Language Models, such as GPT-3, ChatGPT, and Cohere.
  2. Text-2-Image models, such as Midjourney and Stable diffusion.
  3. Emerging models, including Text-2-Speech and Text-2-Audio. Although these models are not the main focus of the course, they are included to keep students informed about upcoming AI technologies.

The modular design of the course offers students the flexibility to choose which lessons they would like to complete and in what order. The course is intended to be practical, with much of the curriculum designed as a project-based learning experience. The lessons are structured in a way that allows students to learn in a structured manner, or to review individual lessons based on their specific needs.

The course is continuously updated to reflect the latest advancements in AI Prompt Engineering, a rapidly expanding field. Each update is added as a new lesson and linked in an "Updates" section at the bottom of the affected lessons. This structure ensures that the course remains current while preserving the foundational knowledge of students.

Prompt Engineering Certification

AI Prompt Engineering is a rapidly evolving field that is becoming increasingly important in various industries, including technology, finance, healthcare, and marketing, among others. As the use of AI and Prompt Engineering continues to grow, there is a growing demand for professionals who are knowledgeable and skilled in these technologies. A certification in AI Prompt Engineering can provide individuals and professionals with a competitive edge in the job market and demonstrate their expertise in this field.

For individuals looking to break into the field of AI and Prompt Engineering, a certification can provide a solid foundation of knowledge and skills that are in high demand by employers. A certification can also help individuals stand out from other candidates and show that they have a strong understanding of the latest technologies and best practices in the field.

For professionals already working in AI and Prompt Engineering, a certification can serve as a valuable addition to their existing skill set and demonstrate their commitment to staying current with the latest advancements in the field. A certification can also help professionals take their careers to the next level by opening up new opportunities for advancement and higher salaries.

Certification in AI Prompt Engineering is becoming an increasingly valuable asset for individuals and professionals looking to advance their careers in this exciting and rapidly growing field. It provides a solid foundation of knowledge, demonstrates expertise, and can help individuals and professionals stand out in a competitive job market. Prompting Engineering Org is the only body offering and qualified to offer Prompt Engineering.

The certification process for AI Prompt Engineering is designed to recognize and validate the mastery of individuals in this rapidly growing field. Unlike many other certifications, there are no prerequisites to attend the AI Prompt Engineering exams, and we do not require completion of specific courses or training programs. Instead, we acknowledge that the skills and mastery in Prompt Engineering are gained through practical experience and experimentation.

The exams are scenario-based and unique to each exam taker, reflecting the situational nature of the field. The portions of the exams that focus on Prompt Engineering are evaluated using actual models, which are specified during the exam or based on the particular lesson or module being tested. This approach provides a fair and realistic assessment of an individual's proficiency in AI Prompt Engineering.

By obtaining a certification in AI Prompt Engineering, individuals can demonstrate their expertise and mastery of the technologies and best practices in the field. This certification can help individuals and professionals stand out in a competitive job market and provide them with a valuable asset as they advance their careers in AI and Prompt Engineering.

If you are interested in becoming certified please use the contact form below.

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Costing Model

As the leading authority in the field of AI Prompt Engineering, we are committed to making our lessons and courses as accessible as possible to all members, both free and paid. While basic courses will be available to all members, advanced courses, templates, and other course materials will be exclusive to our paying members.

Exams and certifications for AI Prompt Engineering will be included in our annual corporate memberships. But also available for individuals at one-time payments. This pricing model is designed to ensure the long-term sustainability of our organization and enhance our ability to provide members with the education, knowledge, and tools they need to succeed and remain at the forefront of their professions.

By offering a combination of free and paid resources, we aim to make AI Prompt Engineering education accessible to as many individuals and professionals as possible, while also ensuring that our organization can continue to provide high-quality resources and support for our members.


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Prompt engineering is a comprehensive process that encompasses the entire cycle of interaction between humans and the AI.
What is Prompt Engineering?
Prompt engineering is a comprehensive process that encompasses the entire cycle of interaction between humans and the AI.
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Putting everything together - Course Wrap-Up & Next Steps

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