BeFake Wants to Use AI to Power Authentic Self-Expression

BeFake's AI lets you express your true self more authentically through creativity and imagination, beyond social media's pressures.

BeFake Wants to Use AI to Power Authentic Self-Expression

Social media has become an integral part of modern life, enabling people to connect and share experiences. However, the pressure to present an idealized version of oneself can be mentally taxing.

BeFake, an innovative social app launched by tech entrepreneur Kristen Garcia Dumont, offers users a creative outlet for self-expression by merging imagination with AI. This pioneering platform stimulates community and deeper connections by moving beyond the limitations of reality.

BeFake's Vision

"Why be real when you can be fake?" This catchy motto encapsulates BeFake's central mission: to provide a refreshing alternative to conventional social media's focus on raw authenticity.

Powered by generative AI developed by Dumont's company, Alias Technologies, BeFake gives users an engaging space to unlock their creativity through AI-generated visual content. By typing text prompts, users can transform themselves into captivating augmented versions that bring their imaginations to life beyond physical constraints.

As Dumont explained, BeFake represents a revolution in social media by merging AI and creativity to empower more authentic self-expression. She added that fantasy can convey authenticity just as much as reality.

BeFake's Unique Selling Proposition

An Escape from Conventional Reality

Unlike the candid images and raw truths portrayed on other platforms, BeFake empowers users to let their imagination run wild. By simply inputting text prompts, they can generate augmented visuals that transcend the confines of the physical world. It not only encourages creativity but also allows users to present a version of themselves that might be more aligned with their inner perceptions.

AI-Powered Content Generation

The app's sophisticated use of AI tech allows users to produce content that is fresh, engaging, and, most importantly, thought-provoking. This AI-enhanced content doesn't just serve as a fun tool but also acts as a bridge, introducing many to the expansive capabilities of AI. Kristen Garcia Dumont rightly sees this as a revolutionary change in our interaction with social media.

Promoting a New Form of Authenticity

Despite its name, BeFake is not about promoting falsehoods but rather a new form of authenticity. In this digital realm, authenticity is not just about mirroring the physical reality but also about expressing one's fantasies, aspirations, and innermost desires without reservations.

Engaging Features

With its user-friendly interface, BeFake makes visualization simple. After uploading a photo, users can swiftly generate AI-enhanced images from imagination by entering text prompts. The resulting visuals are eye-catching, spurring community connections.

As Dumont noted, the platform stimulates users' creativity to explore identity without limits. It also serves as an accessible introduction to AI, from facial transformations like "Make me a celebrity" to fantastical scenarios like "Put me on Mars." This process of “being fake” fosters genuine self-expression and deeper social bonds.


Dumont previously led mobile gaming giant Machine Zone, developer of major hits like Game of War. She helped the company gross over $1 billion before its 2020 acquisition. Dumont then founded Alias Technologies, assembling AI experts to create BeFake's technology over two years.

Though many doubted AI's potential initially, Dumont recognized its ability to profoundly impact communication and "introduce AI in our social context." BeFake represents the culmination of her vision.

The Road Ahead

As BeFake continues improving its AI, Dumont aims to further democratize social media by making complex tech accessible. She wants to empower more content creation and reduce the stress of posting.

While starting with images, BeFake could eventually expand into video and other mediums. As Dumont said, her passion is "breaking down barriers of human connection." By embracing imagination through AI, BeFake represents a compelling evolution in how people interact online. Its user-powered creativity promises more meaningful social engagement beyond physical limitations.


In the high-pressure arena of social media, BeFake's motto says it all: "Why be real when you can be fake?" This pioneering platform taps into the power of AI to liberate authentic self-expression. By unleashing imagination beyond the constraints of reality, BeFake stimulates creative community in exciting new ways. Its future possibilities are as boundless as the users fueling this AI-powered revolution.

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