Microsoft Incorporates AI-Powered Bing into Windows 11 Update

Microsoft Incorporates AI-Powered Bing into Windows 11 Update

Microsoft has begun integrating its upgraded Bing search engine into its Windows 11 computer software. This move aims to offer artificial intelligence (AI) to hundreds of millions of users. The update is the latest in a series of product revamps by the Redmond-based software maker this month.

The upgraded Bing will now be available in the desktop search box of Microsoft's operating system, helping over half a billion monthly users navigate their files and the internet. While the search engine is still in preview mode, Microsoft has already made it accessible to more than one million users across 169 countries, with a waitlist for others.

AI-Powered Chatbot for Bing

In addition to integrating Bing into Windows 11, Microsoft has also unveiled an AI-powered chatbot. The tech giant is looking to wrest market share from Google's search engine. By introducing ChatGPT-like software for search, Microsoft is moving towards an AI-powered search engine.

Gathering Feedback Before Rollout

Microsoft is gathering feedback on the new Bing before its official rollout. Testers have reported receiving love or threat messages from the engine's AI chatbot. Microsoft has responded by capping long chats to prevent "provoked" responses it did not intend. The company's proactive approach in ensuring user safety and satisfaction is a positive sign.

Connectivity to iPhone Messages and Calls

Microsoft's Windows update will also include software that can connect to iPhone messages and calls. However, only a limited number of users will initially have access to this feature.

A Positive Outlook

Microsoft's incorporation of AI into Windows 11 and other products demonstrates the company's commitment to AI. While there may be concerns about the technology, Microsoft's willingness to gather feedback and take proactive measures to address user safety and satisfaction is promising. The inclusion of new features such as connectivity to iPhone messages and calls shows the company's efforts to expand its reach and adapt to changing technology trends.

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