Midjourney Office Hours Recap June 28th 2023: Exploring New Features & Plans

Midjourney Office Hours Recap June 28th 2023: Exploring New Features & Plans

Step into the futuristic world of AI with a review of Midjourney's recent office hours that delves into exciting new features, style updates, and plans for future growth.


  • Midjourney is refining its technology to support innovative, "weird" styles and working on implementing a 'pan' feature and 'in painting' functionality.
  • Version 6 is on the horizon, promising new possibilities in image creation, turbo mode for faster performance, and an eventual move to the web with a focus on user-friendly experiences.


The Midjourney office hours session held on June 28th, 2023, discussed an array of topics including updates about the stylized value, the introduction of pan and in-painting features, and the launch of version 6 with a dash-dash-weird parameter.

Key Facts

  • Version 5.2 has been released with cautionary advice regarding the potent stylized value.
  • Development is underway for the 'pan' feature, allowing users to add content to the right or left of images.
  • Work is ongoing to support 'in painting,' although it requires the integration of a new Discord feature.
  • Version 5.3 is planned to resolve certain coherence issues.
  • The upcoming version 6 is expected to encourage more "weird" styles and promises to create diverse, varied, and unique images.
  • There's a possibility that the 'weird' feature may be tested in version 5 before its introduction in version 6.
  • Version 6 might not significantly enhance image quality but aims to offer a broader range of image types.
  • 'Turbo mode' is a highlight of the new release, providing faster functionality beneficial for classrooms and gaming.
  • A transition to a web-based platform is in the works, prioritizing a balance between feature-rich and polished user experience.
  • The platform aims to be "ultra-friendly" for new users with a superior search feature.
  • There's an ongoing strategy to increase casual user engagement by promoting the creation of more images.


  • Enhanced Features: The introduction of the pan and in-painting features will expand the creative options available to users.
  • Promoting Diversity: The introduction of the 'weird' parameter will promote diversity in image creation and challenge the normative paradigm of 'good' styles.
  • Increased Speed: The upcoming turbo mode in version 6 will speed up the application, making it more efficient for real-time uses like teaching or gaming.
  • Web-based Transition: Transitioning to a web-based platform could increase accessibility and provide a smoother user experience.
  • User Retention: By focusing on increasing the lifetime of casual users, Midjourney is attempting to create a more sustainable growth model.

Our Take

  • Midjourney's move to diversify image styles and cater to a broader audience is commendable. The emphasis on a more 'weird' paradigm shows a willingness to innovate and push the boundaries of AI-based image creation.
  • While the introduction of new features and an enhanced user experience is promising, there is a concern about how these updates will be balanced with the functionality of the platform. The move to a web-based platform should ensure all the features are well-integrated and the user experience remains seamless.


  • Midjourney's efforts to innovate and refine its technology signify an exciting era for AI-based image creation.
  • The anticipated 'weird' parameter, turbo mode, and the move to the web are major highlights that users can look forward to.
  • The focus on enhancing user experience and user retention suggests a thoughtful growth strategy.

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