Notion AI No Longer Free: Changes to Access and Subscriptions

Notion AI has recently changed its subscription model, offering free use of its AI features but requiring a $20/month add-on subscription

Notion AI No Longer Free: Changes to Access and Subscriptions

Notion AI, a popular collaboration and productivity tool, has recently announced changes to its access and subscription model. The company has stated that everyone can use Notion AI for free but once the complimentary AI responses have been used up, users will need to purchase an add-on subscription to continue using AI features.

Shared Workspace Access

Notion AI's complimentary AI responses increase with the number of members in a workspace, and is shared among all members. However, once the complimentary responses have been used up, the workspace owner on desktop will need to add Notion AI to their plan to enable unlimited use of the AI features for all members (excluding guests).

Subscription Changes

When purchasing the Notion AI add-on, all members of the workspace will have unlimited access to Notion AI. However, to ensure fair usage and optimal performance for all users, access to AI features may be reduced depending on usage. If any user requests 30 or more AI responses within 24 hours, they may experience slower performance during that period.

Cost Considerations

Notion AI's $20/month plan is relatively expensive compared to other AI features subscriptions, making it difficult for average users to add it to their shopping list. This raises questions about the affordability of AI subscriptions for everyday users and the need for SaaS companies to re-evaluate their offerings and consider alternative approaches to entice users to subscribe to their AI products.

It's disappointing to see Notion AI making it harder for users to make an impulse buy by offering an expensive subscription model. SaaS companies need to consider the affordability of their AI products and offer alternative pricing options to make their AI features accessible to a wider audience.

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