• Aider, an AI coding assistant, is transforming the way developers code by allowing them to build new applications and iterate on existing ones.
  • It uses GPT-4 and has support for GPT-3.5, and aims to support open-source models in the future.


Meet Aider, an AI coding assistant developed by Paul Gaither, that uses GPT-4 and is changing the face of programming. This powerful tool not only generates new projects based on prompts but also iterates on existing projects with remarkable ease, making it a potent tool in a developer's arsenal.

Key Notes

  • Aider can output a project when given a prompt and generate a Git file to view changes.
  • It can be installed using a Conda environment with Python 3.11.3.
  • Aider works with Universal C tags which can provide a compressed map of your codebase, allowing the language model to grasp the entire codebase context easily.
  • It uses a command-line interface but remains straightforward to use.
  • Aider is also capable of creating a new file or understanding the directory structure of your folder by looking into your Git file.


  • Aider's ability to iterate on existing large projects makes it an invaluable tool for ongoing development.
  • The inclusion of Universal C Tags offers a solution to context limitation issues with large code bases.
  • By allowing the usage of open-source models in the future, Aider could become more versatile and accessible to developers.
  • Aider's understanding of specific programming language patterns, such as Ruby on Rails, reveals its high-level intelligence and utility.

Our Take

  • The command-line interface might intimidate less experienced developers due to its complexity. Also, the AI is dependent on the prompt's quality, meaning the output quality may vary based on how well the prompt is framed.
  • Despite the command-line interface, Aider remains straightforward and user-friendly. It doesn't merely generate new projects but also significantly improves existing ones, highlighting its versatile nature. The quality of output could be improved over time with enhanced prompts.


Aider is a game-changing AI coding assistant that is significantly enhancing the world of coding. With its ability to work on both new and existing projects, it offers an innovative tool for developers to streamline their work.

Its integration of GPT-4 technology and Universal C Tags sets it apart from other coding assistants and places it at the cutting-edge of programming assistance. Its ability to work with open-source models in the future further underscores its potential. It's an AI assistant that every developer should watch out for.


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